Harmonyum Healing 


Harmonyum is beautiful integrative and profound energetic healing system. A hands on healing modality that greatly offsets the effects of modern life. 

Harmonyum kick starts the ON switch of the autonomic nervous system dissolving stress, fear, anxiety and worry. The power of touch is integral to vitality, inspiration and maintaining your highest operating state in every area of life.

Harmonyum increase the vibrational frequency of the bodies cellular vibration in turn strengthening the bodies organic healing and restorative nature.

Harmonyum increases the vitality of your physical body: nervous system, brain, heart and immune functions. This healing system is invaluable in our fast paced and demanding lives automatically relieving stress, anxiety, exhaustion, depression and more. 

Harmonyum illuminates you from the inside out. Purifying the sub-conscious mind allowing you to cleanse and move beyond, trauma, limited beliefs, anxieties, depression and any habits/tendencies that are holding you back in life. 

Harmonyum Healing works very deeply and lovingly on the negative sub-conscious patterning, and this comes forth in small and large ways to allow us to shift our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and attitudes towards all areas of ourselves and our lives, and others/circumstances around us. In turn as we integrate these changes inside ourselves, the ripple into our outside experiences to goes through and evolution and powerful transformation.

The energetics of our past experiences and memories become lodged in and around the spine. As the brain is directly connected to the spine, and governs our emotional out put, these negative influences can reenact or surface through our emotional and mental: thoughts, feelings, words, actions and attitude on daily basis. The formula of Harmonyumprogressively and gently through each treatment clears, cleans and dissolves these negative influences and shows you who you are in all ways. Allowing you to take responsibility for your weaknesses and overtime you replace your negative tendencies with more positive, purposeful and uplifted states of being and choices in life.

Harmonyum is for everyone, to relieve stress, increase vitality or to simply take time to give back to yourself.
After a session you will feel a deep sense of calm akin to years of meditation. Your eyes will be noticeably clear and your complexion with have a radiant glow.

With regular Harmonyum Healing sessions you will experience a building of your confidence and a clarifying of your direction in life and increased self awareness.

For more information or to book a session with Anastasia contact her directly on  0421 133 173.