Welcome! I’m Harriet and I am the resident Kinesiologist at Nimbus & Co. If you haven’t yet experienced a kinesiology session, it’s a beautiful method of balancing energies within the mind and body. It’s fantastic for releasing blocked emotions as well as dealing with outgrown beliefs and patterns of behaviour. 

I suffered for many years with a severe eating disorder, where everything I tried seemed pointless. Through Kinesiology I was able to conquer the core issues of low self esteem as well as release traumatic moments from my past. If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic/acute pain, eating disorders, or even a gut feeling that something is missing, clarity and relief are available.

I am passionate about helping people  address their inner conflicts and assist them to live the life they desire. By nuturing your internal, external and energetic self, you can find balanced health & happiness.

In my own time, I love my pilates and big coastal walks with my dog Max (as we live right on Bondi beach). I particularly love entertaining and having friends over for lunches and dinners at home. Meditation has also been a huge part of my life, so I wouldn’t miss a day of it. 

My greatest passion however, is finding that connection to my highest self and helping others to do the same.

To make an appointment contact Harriet directly on 0421 656 946