Beauty Services 




Eyebrow waxing $25 

Eyebrow tinting $20

eyelash tint $25 

Brazilian wax $55


Basic $85 (45mins)

Signature: $135 (1 hour) 

Full body scrub $60 (40minutes) 



Lauren is a qualified Beauty Therapist and has been working in the industry for the past 9 years. She has a passion for beauty, wellness and living a healthy active lifestyle. She believes beauty comes from within and its important to connect with our bodies and devote time to self care. Skin health is so important, as our skin is our largest living organ and simple things such as lack of sleep and daily stress can have an impact on this. Good quality nutrition and skincare rituals are vital to achieve healthy glowing. 

She has been expanding her knowledge over the years and is currently studying a certificate in nutrition and health coaching where she has gained vital knowledge about the cosmetic industry and the hidden chemicals in products that can be harmful on our skin. All her products are high quality, non-toxic and Australian certified organic. 

Why certified organic?

Products free form synthetic chemicals and other impurities work as close as possible to our natural environment using natures purest ingredients that support the future of our bodies, farmers and earth.