chrissie alexander


Hi I'm Chrissie and I'm a Naturopath, yoga teacher and a remedial massage therapist and have also studied Ayurveda to integrate Eastern principles with the Western studies of Naturopathy. I love working out which dosha you are! I am definitely a lot of Vata! :) 

I have suffered from adrenal fatigue and gut issues in the past which was tough and debilitating at times. Yoga, natural, healthy food & lifestyle plus yummy herbs have really helped me on my road to recovery. 

I love to help people in all elements of their life, health and body. I love to share any wisdom and experience I have acquired on my journey, incorporating learnings from meditation, yoga as well as nutrition, herbs, massage and homeopathy. I also love the energetics of Bach flowers. (I am from the UK after all!) :) 

My passion is adrenal health, stress management, mental health issues and gut health as well as women's health from pre conception to menopause! 

After work, I have a love for all things outdoors, teaching and practising yoga in nature, being in the ocean, eating healthy, natural food and keeping fit and healthy. I love camping, gazing at the stars, dancing and travel, music and family & friends are very important to me.