Feeling bloated, fatigued, exhausted after all this humidity and post the silly season? Is your skin a bit dull, are you breaking out in spots, is your mood off or are you just feeling like you've over indulged?

We're challenging all our Nimby tribe to dedicate the month of Feb to YOU and your own self-care, so you can:

  • Detoxify all the alcohol, comfort food and everything in between
  • Re-boot your immune system
  • Get your blotchy skin back in order
  • Restore your body and mind after the silly season and get that balance in you once again
  • Kickstart your year and make this your first major goal on your personal mission statement for 2018

You can achieve all of this in our #SWEAT4FEB package, which includes:

  • 3 infrared saunas per week for the entire month of February (12 sweats in total*) 
  • A weekly meal plan and wellness tips will hit your inbox
  • Complimentary dry body brush
  • BYOM - bring your own mate (once a week) at no additional cost  

TOTAL INVESTMENT FROM YOU: $395 (worth over $500) 

*All sauna sessions must be used during the month of February.