19 March


  • What has called you to this work?

  • What does being a woman mean to you?

  • What are your intentions? What are you hoping to receive?

In the first week we will set up our own individual framework, as well as the collective group. We will explore the synthetic aspect of the feminine: drama, manipulation, gossip, control. Asking of ourselves how these aspects may be impacting our lives.


26 March

The Body Compass

  • How does your body feel?

  • Is there any pain? Where? Why?

  • How do you feel about your body?

This week we focus on the body. Remembering how to listen to its innate cues; our body as our life compass and inner guide. Exploring emotional and energetic release, the direct connect to the intuitive nature. We also explore our relationship to our bodies, where and how it may have become distorted.


2 April

Stories, The Tattle Tale

  • Do you believe you create your own reality?

  • What is it that you are creating? What do you believe?

  • Are you creating life from a place of fear or love?

This week we will explore the power of the story, of our creations, the power of the life weave; our thoughts, our word, our intention, our actions. It is nice to manifest, however, there is a grace and deep innate strength that is born from taking responsibility for our creations.


9 April


Judgement and Discernment

  • Where do you hold judgement in your life?

  • Is it over yourself, another person or a group?

  • Do you trust - yourself and others? Do you feel the need for protective walls?

This week we explore the difference between judgement and discernment. We will bring together the tools of the body compass and reflect on judgements that once held us back and ultimately release the need for those walls. Re-write the story.


16 April


The Man

  • How do you feel about men?

  • How do you feel in your masculine self?

  • What are your relationships like with men?

In a time where women are rising up to lead more and more, our voices are heard more now than ever. How do we stand with the men? How do we embrace feminine leadership, without trying to wear the old beaten down patriarchal hat? How do we allow for true intimacy, true strength, true equality? For all. This week we explore true feminine leadership and our relationship to men.


23 April



 The final week is a very special week, we will be joined by one of Chev Kelly's mentors and teachers, Sarah Baiada (https://sarahbaiada.com/). Sarah has worked deeply with Chev on women's work facilitation, understanding the energetics of the earth and understanding our deeper connection to this. Sarah is an incredibly gifted intuitive remedial massage therapist, women's work mentor, self awareness and soul wellness coach. This final week is all about integration, support and next steps.