Aiyana Energy Founder Daniela Schmutz is a Development & Wellbeing Coach, Relationship specialist, Energetic Healer and Clairvoyant, helping individuals create a stronger relationship with ourselves through our mind/body connection and evolving in a way where we can enhance who we are in a powerful and effective manor to step into creating a life where we know exactly who we are, obtain what we want and step into our strength and knowing with authenticity and balance.

Daniela’s gifts of clairvoyance help clients to gain clarity for their path and empower them to step forward into the right direction for their highest good, and also channeling any coaching necessary to help them to gain insight and provide shifts in consciousness.

Daniela also teaches the art of communication in relationships- business, family and intimate partners, how to move beyond break downs and silly arguments, how to move beyond power play and ego, whether you’re single or with a partner how to nourish your relationship and reach and understanding of values and boundaries to create a life long exciting life and moving beyond negative mind chatter, self sabotaging cycles, and limited core beliefs that keep us as we are, restricted, and start to allow for mindful expansion for your world to unfold in a way where you are completely self supported and loved.

Dip. Development Coach
Dip. Wellbeing Coach
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Liquid Crystal Practitioner 
Pellowah Practitioner
Reiki Level 2 Practitioner 
Crystal Healings
Yoga Teacher

Daniela Schmutz