our philosophy 

Our core focus is to offer a place that allows you to explore, nourish and remedy your body & mind at your own pace. We present you with traditional & contemporary tools and practices for you to seek space within your everyday life. Every element of Nimbus & Co, from the people to the products, are carefully considered to support you to find your alignment.

With three contemporary studios located in Bondi Beach, Byron Bay & Melbourne. Each studio is bespoke in their offerings; housing state-of-the-art private infrared saunas, holistic health practitioners ranging from Acupuncture to Naturopathy & a select retail range for all of your wellness needs.  

The private infrared saunas are the cornerstone of Nimbus; these deeply therapeutic saunas were developed in the 70's in Japan and have been continuously refined since. We use state-of-the-art full spectrum infrared cedarwood saunas, providing tranquil spaces to frequent in support of chronic conditions to mild health concerns, detoxification, immunity + skin health. 

Our retail range has been carefully sourced, hand selected tools, remedies & products with a strong focus around natural & sustainable beauty and cultivating vitality. 
All three studios have been designed to allow space for events + community offerings where we encourage you to join us.

Step in and welcome your wellbeing.


Founded by qualified Nutritionist Su Tuttle and partner Neil O’Sullivan in 2016, Nimbus & Co was born from their vision to create inviting spaces and communities where clients would feel at home.

Both Su and Neil, with each a pivotal health journey of their own, approach wellbeing with grounded consideration, wanting to create a safe and nurturing space for people to explore and follow their own paths. They are on a mission to help spread a positive mental and physical health message and inspire others to live the best lives they can.