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First Tuesday of every Month; 6-8pm

woman space

$25 per person.

RADIANT WOMEN is a monthly group dedicated to help women realise their potential for healing, empowerment and wellbeing. We do this by developing all aspects of ourselves; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. In connecting more deeply to our bodies and exploring our inner word, we give ourselves the potential for wholeness and love. The evening integrates transpersonal counselling, coaching and facilitation techniques within a group setting. This process will use a variety of techniques that include meditation, drea work, guided visualisations, intention setting, journalling, art, yoga, self care rituals and mindfulness practices. This group will help and empower you to be your most radiant self.

Spaces are limited as this a beautiful intimate group. Tea and treats provided.

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Sunday 17th February; 3 - 6.30pm.

$77 per person.

1.22.19 CYCLICALLIVING v3-2.jpg

Cyclical Living is a workshop to explore the four unique phases of the menstrual cycle. The permission to flow with the natural rhythm of our cycle isn’t something many of us have been given. We are cyclical beings living in a non-cyclical world. At the core of this work is the development of a respectful responsiveness to the subtle + not so subtle shifts we journey through each month.

A holistic approach to menstrual education, this workshop will cover the hormonal, emotional and energetic components to each phase of the cycle through a blend of open discussion, reflection + meditation. 

Our bodies contain so much intelligence.

Cyclical Living is a workshop designed to help you remember that.

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Accompanied by Cade McConnell and Sophie Monteiro.

Tuesday 19th of February; 6-9pm

$35 per person.

As we welcome in the month of February and a Full Moon in Virgo, we invite you to join us for an evening of nature, community & connection.

The theme for the evening is BIRTH & ECSTATIC CREATION and the power of creativity and the birth of ideas, humans. Whether we are changing location, changing our work, invirth of radiciting new relationships, recharging our creativity or inviting new rituals, the Full Moon is a beautiful time to re-align ourselves with our truth and our power for the year ahead. The evening will consist of meditation, storytelling, freestyle floristry and gentle ritual.

This month we're excited to be joined by Plant-based chef, storyteller and dear friend, Cade McConnell, Anamundi will be leading an active flower meditation and we will also be treated to the gift of music by Sophie Monteiro. Join us in conversation, freestyle floristry and an evening of storytelling with likeminded souls and lovers of all things wild.

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