Chev Kelly is an intuitive kinesiologist. Chev works with her clients to address the issues blocking them from fully living and enjoying life. Using the gentle art of muscle testing and energy work, Chev draws on the body's innate wisdom to identify and clear the core issues really going on.

Chev began her studies in holistic medicines 7 years ago. In this time she has studied many modalities, including: Integrated healing/kinesiology, NLP, traditional medicine, and transformational coaching. Fortunate to be guided by many wonderful mentors along the way, Chev currently studies with one of Australia's leading transformational coaches, Jefffery Slayter.

Chev believes wholeheartedly that we each carry our own wisdom and medicine within. Sometimes life (especially in the Western culture) can become so hectic we are no longer able to connect to this space in any way. The intention of each session is not to wow the client with her intuitive abilities and practices, but to connect the client back to this part of themselves. The part that enjoys life, feels, thinks, see's, makes decisions from a clear and confident space,  and has the strength to overcome challenges and face them with grace and integrity. 

Chev Kelly