HOLISTIC Dietitian  

Through her educational and professional practice, Lyndsay has become keenly aware that our relationship and perception of food often shapes our health behaviours and how we choose to care for ourselves. Through the use of Nutritional Genetics or DNA testing, the interpretation of pathology results, gut microbiome testing, patient reported symptoms and various other diagnostic tools she is able to tailor a nutrition plan suited to each individual patient. 

Her professional experience extends to the care and management of acute illness recovery, women’s health including pre and post-natal care, weight loss, chronic illness management, diabetes education, mindful eating techniques, digestive disturbances, nutrition plans tailored to a patient’s unique genetic makeup and of particular interest; gut health and repair. 

The use of food as a tool to help patients achieve their health and wellbeing goals is a daily practice for Lyndsay and something she embodies in her professional and personal life. 

Please contact Lyndsay directly for all enquires.


Qualifications :

Bachelors degree, Food science & Nutrition, Deakin University Melbourne. 

Master degree, Dietetics, Monash University, Melbourne.

Registered, Accredited Dietitian with Dietetics Association of Australia.