Transpersonal Therapy


Sahar Zahah

Sahar Zadah is a transpersonal therapist and counsellor, wellness coach, meditation and yoga teacher from Byron Bay, Australia. Sahar completed her qualifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and at the IKON Institute for Psychotherapy and Counselling. Sahar has been practicing yoga for over sixteen years and is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. 

In 2013, Sahar founded Organic Miracles, a health and wellness website, with online promotion of plant-base recipes, wellness tips and organic products. Sahar has been immersed in self study for many years, learning methods on how to use the wisdom of the body, mind and spirit for transformation. After the birth of her children, Sahar was inspired to help women in their journey of healing, empowerment and love. She decided to learn and integrate all the teachings that had supported her own path to healing and self discovery. 

Sahar believe’s true transformation happens when we become aware of and accept all parts of ourselves. With a desire for change and the presence of truth and love, we can begin to walk a souls journey of true happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing. It is this combination of wisdom of body, mind, spirit and soul that makes her teachings unique. Sahar has taught and lead retreats and workshops in Australia and worked with women from all over the world through her unique programs and sessions. She has also been involved with the SHIFT Project that supports women at the risk of homelessness and SAWA – The Support Organisation for the Women of Afghanistan. Sahar has currently finished her integrative online wellness program, a journey guide to help connect women to their bodies wisdom — for healing, empowerment and love.

The personalised sessions are a powerful and effective transformational process for healing, empowerment and wellbeing. A session takes you on a sacred journey, with a focus on healing, holistic wellness, inner growth, or life direction. Sahar’s integrative approach brings together a wide range of transpersonal counselling, coaching and facilitation techniques. Stemming from the wisdom and knowledge of transpersonal psychology, the sessions have a deep foundation and emphasis on authenticity and self-realisation. At the same time, offering a deepening one’s knowledge in practical and spiritual skills of nutrition, meditation, yoga, intention setting, self-care rituals and journaling. The sessions will help clarify, deepen and strengthen your connection to your body and your inner world. You will become aware of your core beliefs, behaviours, and habits that may be hidden in the unconscious mind, affecting your relationship with your inner and outer world. Every session is designed to give you the tools you need to create life changing belief structures, while clearing blockages that prevent you from reaching your highest potential. In the session you will discover that you have everything you need within to heal your story and open to new levels of self-acceptance, and love, which is your highest potential.

Sahar Zadah