What is a gua sha? Should I be using one?

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese tool used for health & beauty. It has gained momentum particularly in the beauty industry in recent years and can be a common practice in contemporary facial treatments.

It is used to guide lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation. When used on the face it is anti-aging; a natural way to support collagen production. The light dragging or scraping draws blood around the face and body to help regeneration.

For the face; use the gua sha on a slightly tilted angle and lightly drag the tool across the face - always away from midline toward the hairline and in an upwards direction. This can be done first thing in the morning to invigorate the face, pump fresh blood, plump the skin and de-puff following sleep. Alternatively use it in the evening once skin is cleansed and oil or serum applied to help it soak in (and skin repair during sleep). Don’t press too hard, gentle is most effective - the skin can pinken as the blood circulates but will settle and leave you with a fresh glowing look. You can purchase our rose quartz gua sha online or from our studios - a must-have in your beauty kit.

For the body; the gua sha can also be used on the body for at-home reflexology or tension spots in the body (along tight shoulders or up the back of the neck feels great!). The body can respond with more redness than in the face so go easy.

A great youtube tutorial can be found here.

For a facial using gua sha, go here: https://littlecompany.com.au/

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