I have a weak pelvic floor - what can I do to help this?

Firstly, a weak pelvic floor is one of the most common ailments we see at Peaches - it's nothing to be ashamed of, and is of course linked to pregnancy and birth. As a doula and a pregnancy/postnatal Pilates instructor, I always recommend starting your 'Kegels' exercises right away once you've had your baby. It is important to be religious with this routine - discipline is key, as is repetition in the early months after birth. Of course, Pilates has proven results when it comes to strengthening the pelvic floor, because of it's unique harnessing of the TA (transverse abdominis) and pelvic floor to support the spine during core work. Something I think a lot of people misunderstand about core exercises is that you do not want to be baring down. Try to retrain your muscle activation techniques so you are focusing on a sensation of drawing in, and lifting, instead. If you are looking to retrain your pelvic floor, I'd highly recommend starting with regular Kegels exercises (think for 2 minutes 3 x a day) and booking in a private Pilates class with a dedicated instructor.  A Pilates instructor will be able to help you learn how to correctly engage your TA, pelvic floor and surrounding core muscles. If you have complicated or ongoing pelvic floor issues, I cannot recommend visiting a women's physiotherapist clinic highly enough - physiotherapists will be able to perform ultrasounds which can reveal if you are indeed using your pelvic floor - as well as provide tailored exercises to help you feel more in control - so to speak ;)

Tori - Peaches Pilates Founder