I don't meditate but want to start my morning off on a good foot. What is something I can do that is similar?

Great question! Any self love ritual brings that becomes personal to you can take you into a grounded space of self awareness. Meditation actually comes in many forms, and you don't necessarily need to stop and stay still to reach mindfulness. It's all about connecting to your inner compass.

- Journalling is great expressing your emotional and physical feelings at the start of the day so that you are aware of how best to support yourself that day. 
-Breathing into the heart space, deep breaths to really land in self compassion, feel your heart open and set an intention for how you'd like your day to be - e.g. "I invite playful energy today" or an affirmation "I am worthy of healthy relationships. It is safe for me to trust". 
- Not looking at your phone or social media for the first hour of your morning and slowing down your movements, being present with your actions and conscious with your personal flow and watch how this resets your thought processes for the day and observe how you aren't as reactive toward media posts later in the day. 
- Gentle stretches to open the body or 10 minutes of yoga flow. 
- Planting your feet into the earth first thing in the morning and taking 5 deep belly breaths to ground you also .... These are a few of my favourite ways to set rituals and starting the day clear and grounded with self support, and as you start to really feel into your body, you will start to feel more stable within yourself, your emotions become a lot more balanced, as you prioritise a morning check in with time to self.

Daniela Schmutz, Energetic Healer @aiyana.energy

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