After every massage I come out with a swollen face/eyes that takes 2 days to go down, any ideas why this might be happening?

Swelling in the face, post massage could be due to a number of things. I have mentioned some possibilities below:

- Lymph disfunction in the neck, where the lymph fluid is not draining fluid when stimulated; this can cause a pooling in the face. 

- Allergies to something in the oil the therapist is using or to the washing powder being used to wash the towels. 

- High toxicity in the body that is slowing the draining of toxins.

Massage should move fluid, not cause it to pool, however every client is individual and can react differently based on their constitution. 

I would suggest seeing an acupuncturist to look deeper in to the reasons why your may be suffering from a swollen face post massage as there may be some health issues that need to be addressed. 

Jessie Whittaker, Founder & Massage Therapist at The Calmm, @the__calmm

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