Are there any supplements that all women should be taking? Or is it completely dependant on the individual?

It is completely dependent on the individual.

My long study in homeopathy inspired my Naturopathic approach and clinical training with metaphysical healing. Therefore, if a woman comes to me with a health problem, I first need to asses what body structure she has. Then we decide whether she needs Herbal medicine, vitamins, energetic or just a life guidance.

Please read a sample of the complexity of individual assessment first, before giving any Remedy:


Each person or organism contains patterned information about all the other organisms in the larger system of the universe. Theoretically, a healthy person should be able to draw on resources from any other substance at an appropriate time, and move fluidly through life using different energy patterns as they are needed—both in the outer world, and in the inner workings of the body itself. When cleaning one’s house, a person draws on mineral energy to create structure and order out of chaos, putting thing in their proper place, and lining things up into neat and predictable rows. In the human body, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and silica create structure in forming bones, teeth, nails, and hair. Other minerals function to break down and rearrange other structures, form bonds, and convert energy into matter, and matter into energy. Women with dominant mineral energy will therefore benefit with Vitamins and minerals or high dose herbs and sometimes also allopathic medicine. Energetics may not work until better balance is created.

When attacked by an assailant, that same person should draw on animal energy for survival—to run away quickly, hide, or fight back. Similarly, in areas that involve sexuality and reproduction, a healthy animal energy is appropriate. Hormonally our bodies rely on this sort of animal energy to create signals to excite our appetites for food, sex, and competition. Menstrual cycles, male and female fertility, pregnancy and labor, and the sympathetic nervous system’s fight-or-flight response are governed by animal-type energy patterns relating to survival of the species and the individual. If a Women with predominant Animal energy comes to me, then working on balancing and herbal remedies will work better then hight dose vitamins (its still very individual, depending human/women trauma)

When advising a twelve-year-old about her first boyfriend however, one would do better to take a plant-like stance, and react and respond with sensitivity. Delicate emotional situations and negotiations often need plant energy to turn just this slightest bit towards the sun to come to the best possible fruition, In the human body, delicate stimulus-response systems such as our sense of balance rely on plant-like sensitivity and reactivity. In order to stand up and walk requires the nervous-system and musculoskeletal system to respond to the tiniest input from the cilia and floating bones in our inner ears. Likewise our senses of touch, sight and taste, and hearing must be sensitive enough to distinguish between different textures, tones and other stimuli but not overly sensitive so as to be irritated by the mere touch of our clothing or whisper of a word. Ladies who are having a plant structure will overreact on high dose Vitamins and herbs but will do well with energetics or life/path changes until better balance is created.

Jana Brunclikova BHSc Naturopath & Plantbased chef  @thesecret_kitchen

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