When it comes to contraception, what alternatives are there to traditional methods?

There are many non-hormonal alternate methods for contraception other than the oral contraceptive pill. 

-      Barrier methods (Condoms and diaphragms) - side effects may present as allergy or irritation.

-      Withdrawal method - not recommended on it's own as an effective contraception.

-      Copper IUD – non hormonal although invasive as a device is inserted into your uterus. There are side effects associated with this method. 

-      Natural fertility awareness method which involves tracking your cycle, cervical fluid and basal body temperature each day. This is an incredible way to understand your body and health at the deepest level – there are no adverse side effects with this method and when used correctly is as effective as the oral contraceptive pill.

My wish is for all women to understand their unique cycle and body. If you would like to learn how to use the natural fertility awareness method for contraception, conception or to increase awareness of your body please get in touch. 

Ema Taylor, Naturopath & founder of Ceremony Cacao

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