Meditation practice gives us tools to use throughout the day, to help us find a sense of calm in a busy world.  It can help to reduce anxiety, increase concentration and help us deal with stressful situations. It can be particularly effective first thing in the morning but is also a great way of unwinding and resetting at the end of a potentially stressful day. Monday nights at Nimbus is your time to reset after the weekend, start your week with a calm and focused mind and learn some ways you can call on that sense of calm whenever you need it.  Come to slow down. Just breathe. Relax your body and take some time to just be.

Classes will be held every fortnight with Laura Kelly at 7pm commencing on Monday 21st January.  Bookings are essential as spaces are limited. Only $12 for your first class | $45 for a 3 class pass | $18 casual.  Full details below.