Myotherapy is the evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. 

Many people associate massage with myotherapy, however they are two very distinct professions, with different aims and objectives, different health fund rebates, and very different educational pathways. Similarly to osteopaths, physiotherapist and chiropractors, massage may be incorporated into a myotherapy treatment. However, there is a wide range of other evidence-based treatment approaches and skill-sets which myotherapist incorporate, such as manual therapy, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release, thermo and electro-therapeutic techniques. These techniques help to reset the body, and are reinforced through the prescription of exercise and/or education about pain management, load management, activity modification and/or lifestyle modification. 

Matt has a strong focus on assessment and treatment, beginning with a functional movement screen to identify any movement impairments or limitations, followed by an extensive evaluation of any associated muscles, joints, nerves, lifestyle factors and diet. We then use an evidence based approach to construct your treatment and rehabilitation plan. 

If you are experiencing any pain or dysfunction, e.g. headaches, sports injuries, tightness, cramps, limitation in movement, or just want to move and feel better, then book in for an initial consult with Matt at our Bondi clinic. His clinic hours at are Monday 8-2, Tuesday 2-9pm, Wednesday 8-2.





Founder Matt Wilbow completed a BHSc Myotherapy and was recognised for academic excellence. He is proud to be the first Myotherapist to graduate out of Sydney. He is also accredited in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Level 1 and utilises this as a basis for screening. In addition, he is also a certified personal trainer and remedial massage therapist, and has worked as a health and wellness coach for the past 10 years. Matt has a keen interest in rehabilitation and a holistic approach to health and wellness. When he is not helping people back to their optimum health you will find him surfing at the local beaches.