With over 10 years of combined Naturopathic experience and a Bachelor degree in Health Science, Jana is renowned throughout Sydney for her calm, focused passion. Her patients travel miles for her knowledge and expertise and she is widely known for the deep and unique care she offers clients. Jana grew up in Eastern Europe and has a long relationship with herbs and their medicinal qualities which have been an important part of her life from a young age. 

Jana’s expertise includes the unique use of a naturopathic analytical tool, the Non-linear Scanning (NLS) Metatron. Find out more about Metatherapy here.

Working with people from all walks of life and ages, Jana assists with digestive and emotional problems, depleted energy, thyroid and endocrine issue, female heath and fertility, immune and autoimmune problems, skin problems and more..

As a part of each consultation, Jana creates for each of her customer high vibrational remedy (natural vaccine) which is based on frequencies of crystals and/or homeopathic remedies accordingly to each client metaphysical structure to support energetic healing.

Jana Brunclikova