Though the channelling of universal life force energy, Reiki has the capacity to heal every aspect of the body - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our chakras, or energy centres, are the points where the spirit and physical meet. Healthy balanced chakras are constantly in motion, imagine them like spinning wheels. At times in our life, these wheels can become 'stuck' and life force energy is unable to move. We may begin to feel out of sorts, stressed, anxious or illness can manifest within the body. 

Reiki helps to unblock and align the chakras, and balance your energy centres. It encourages ‘shifts’ in energy leading to feelings of calm and ease, a sense of clarity and inner strength. 

A Reiki treatment can assist with:

  • deep relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing and peace 
  • relief from stress, anxiety or overwhelm
  • deeper, more restful sleep
  • feeling energised, emotionally stronger and a sense of clarity 
  • faster recovery or healing from illness, by relieving symptoms and uncovering possible causes – each physical ailment the body has an energetic cause 
  • aiding recovery from injuries and easing muscle pain
  • bringing relief from chronic pain
  • regulating blood pressure and strengthening the immune system




My name is Karen and I am the creator of the happy co Xx.

I am a reiki practitioner, holistic counsellor, teacher, lover of meditation and yoga, proud pug mum and traveller at heart.

After a heart-opening trip through South East Asia, India and Nepal, living out of a backpack for the best part of 9 months, I knew that there had been a ‘shift’ in my purpose 

Farewelling (with love) a 14-year career in education, I began to follow my intuition. I had always been a bit of a ‘hippy’ at heart, but I felt a greater ‘pull’ to healing and alternative techniques. Not only in an effort to heal myself from a range of health issues including chronic stress, anxiety and adrenal fatigue, but because I had a sense that this would be a bigger part of my life moving forward. 

I completed my Reiki training in India, in the serene hills of Dharamsala. This led me to further study of modalities such as Reiki, Holistic Counselling, Teaching Meditation and Chair Yoga and has helped me to turn something I love into something I live - and something I wish to share. 

Each day I am inspired to work with beautiful women (and more and more men!) who also have the desire to find that inner balance and reclaim a life of vibrant health on all levels. 

Learn more about Karen, our Reiki practitioner here