The cornerstone of Nimbus & Co is offering state-of-the-art full spectrum infrared saunas; we are pleased to welcome you to the first infrared sauna studio in Australia and our consciously-progressive contemporary spaces.

You are greeted in reception by our experienced staff before being led to your secluded room for your private sauna session. Let the woody scents of palo santo & softly diffused oils bring a sense of calm. Enjoy the complimentary refreshments on offer, either iced/hot tea and filtered water - a carafe is provided for you.


If it is your first session with Nimbus, we give you an in-depth introduction to the studio & how to use the sauna; please share any health concerns or focuses as we can tailor your session accordingly. First timer tips: stay hydrated pre and post sauna, limit personal care products. We welcome you to bring a +1 to your session (at an additional charge), we have larger saunas available to accommodate more spaciously.

We encourage you to find your own alignment; meditate, delve into our selected reading material, flow through a few gentle stretches or listen to podcasts & music by connecting to the in-built speakers in your sauna on your own device or by using the iPad provided. Reap the additional therapeutic benefits of the coloured LED lighting located in the ceiling of your sauna.

In our Byron Bay and Melbourne studios, we invite you to simply move across to the showers for your post-sauna rinse, providing you with Leif botanicals skincare. Our Bondi studio offers either in-room shower facilities or a separate shower/bathroom.

The saunas themselves are naturally anti-microbial, cleaned & prepped for each session.

Step in and welcome your wellbeing.