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Yoga for Healing with Sonia Scali

Commencing Sunday 14/4 from 5pm - 6pm

Bodily sensations associated with trauma, anxiety and depression can overwhelm the nervous system and our coping skills, which can result in a profound and lasting sense of vulnerability and a lack of safety and control. The practice of yoga, mindful meditation and breath practices can support the healing process by helping us to release physical tension in the body, relax the nervous system and calm the mind.

Yoga encourages us to notice what we feel in our body (interoception), let go of thoughts about the past or future, and practice making choices based on what we are feeling in the present moment, in a safe and supportive environment. The gentle postures are thoughtfully crafted to help release trapped psychological and physical energy, whilst focusing on natural breathing to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and embodiment.

Sonia from the Inner Nest will guide you through these classes, inviting you to channel quiet awareness and connect to your most true, authentic self – helping you to lessen the grip that past experiences of trauma, anxiety or depression may have on your life.

Who are these classes suitable for?
Those who have experienced trauma, PTSD, anxiety or depression. No prior yoga experience is necessary and sessions are accessible to every body.

Yoga mats and blocks will be provided.

$25 casual class

$220 10 class pass

For more information please email Sonia from The Inner Nest at sonia@theinnernest.com.au or call

0405 432 270

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