womens work - 6 week course


 This work is based on the 'awakening' process, the re-embodiment of the soul. This course is to support women coming into this deeper connect, how to ground and embody this aspect, witnessing the shadow and uncovering its many gifts.

As we are moving into a fastening of the pace of human evolution and consciousness, we are witnessing a rise in women leaders and feminine energy (in both men and women)...

What does a rise in feminine energy mean? Remembering how to live from our feelings... our intuition...our hearts. It is a much grittier stance than the old love and light. It takes courage, a serious spine of self love and deep connection to the earth, and to the elementals.

As women we bear children and we also guide men more than we know… yet because of life times of distortion, we have stepped into the synthetic version of the feminine: manipulation, gossip, drama, using our bodies as tools and being numb to the actual energetic compass they are. We have forgotten the life giver and guide our bodies truly are.

It is time we as women remember how to come together, to support each other how to remember living from our feelings - but not get stuck in the story - remember how to read our bodies, harness the truth of our innate human heart-based potential. It is time to rediscover a greater expanded awareness that is available for us ALL. It lives dormant inside and as women, as bearers of life, we are portals to bringing this through... first and foremost for ourselves and then the rest takes care of itself; a natural giving.

Course Inclusions

  • Weekly group sessions over six weeks (2 hrs, one evening a week at Nimbus + Co Melbourne). Weekly group meetings will employ a variety of facilitated modalities including group discussions, energy work and activation activities, yoga and meditation.

  • Weekly home tasks for integration of learnings from each week.

  • Workbook and compilation of take-home resources.

  • Exclusive discounts to further work with Chev.

  • Exclusive discounts for select Nimbus + Co offerings.

Dates and details

Group Sessions will be held weekly from 7 - 9pm at Nimbus + Co Melbourne, 63-67 Cubitt Street Cremorne.

Week 1 - 19 March 2019

Week 2 - 26 March 2019

Week 3 - 2 April 2019

Week 4 - 9 April 2019

Week 5 - 16 April 2019

Week 6 - 23 April 2019


$375 per person

Chev Kelly - Lead Facilitator

Chev Kelly is an Intuitive Kinesiologist, working from Nimbus + Co between their Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay locations. Chev has been in the field of holistic therapies and healing for the past 7 years. She has studied a variety of modalities including kinergetics, integrated healing, traditional earth teachings, NLP and change work technique. This has given way to a well rounded practice, deeply rooted in traditional methodologies with a contemporary understanding.

Chev wholeheartedly believes we hold our own medicine and our own healing within. She intends to support all whom she works with to access this part of self. Over the past two years (and ongoing) Chev has been taking part in traditional women's work teachings, mentorship and training. Women’s work is close to her heart as she feels it is deeply important to restore the unspoken bond of the feminine heart.

Bringing the Women's Work to Nimbus & Co is another beautiful step in the unfolding of this unspoken bond. Chev is grateful to share her work here and also to welcome co-facilitate Eva Kiriakoff. Eva and Chev have dove deep into many aspects of this work through their friendship and work together at Nimbus.

Chev has sat with renowned teachers in the field including:

  • Gundyarri Girl Wisdom Walker.

  • Nathalie Vera, Traditional Medicine Woman.

  • Mentoring under the soul and wellness facilitator Sarah Baiada. It is through this mentorship (the Embodiment Mentorship) Chev met Belinda Gatt, a sound healer and cacao ceremony facilitator. Chev and Belinda formed a strong bond of sisterhood and are now co-facilitating meditations and ceremonies together.    

Client Testimonials

Chev is a deeply intuitive woman.

She is able to bring up emotions and experiences that are blocking ones personal growth and potential.

She has ultimately allowed me to shift and expand my inherent ideas about not only myself but the way I see the world. I have gained such a strong sense of power over my ability to create what I want for myself and for that I am truly grateful.

Chev is adaptive and gentle in her work which is a gift to all that know her. Many thanks

Raph ~ Sydney

- - -

I started working with Chev in May last year and I cannot express fully the wonderful impact Chev has had on me.

She has taught and guided me through internal emotional issues that had been dragging me down for several years. Through my sessions with Chev I have learnt to “sift the shit” and brought out a much happier disposition.

Chev is such a beautiful soul and she makes me feel at home whenever I see her.

Lou ~ Sydney

- - -

There is no one like Chev.

She is both gentle and fierce - bringing the clarity and approach that is required no matter what the situation. She brings so much light, yet is not afraid to walk through the shadows. Warm, wise, nurturing and empowering. When you work with Chev you have a partner - someone to coach you, guide you, help you shine a light on the answers. One of her biggest gifts is always honouring that you are leading the way. A free and powerful being. By reminding you of your own power and abilities, Chev doesn’t create a teacher/student relationship, but rather helps you realise that you are empowered and able to deal with whatever life throws at you.

I have called on Chev many times over the past few months to hold my hand through many transitions and challenges, and her approach, gifts and ability to hold space without judgment or fear has led me to the answers, ancestors and path I needed to find.

I feel so supported and grateful knowing Chev is in my corner.

If you’re feeling stuck, confused or like something is missing, I highly recommend getting in touch with Chev. She is humble and yet one session with her and you will be blown away.

Ashlee - NSW


Eva Kiriakoff - Co-Facilitator


Eva is Co-Founder/Co-Owner of Nimbus & Co Melbourne. Prior to joining the Nimbus + Co family to head their Melbourne studio, Eva worked compassionately with remote and urban communities in Ghana, Madagascar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia and the USA on international aid, community building, health, environmental conservation, and social enterprise projects. To date Eva has partnered with international aid organisations, government and the private sector in 14 countries worldwide. She draws on an expansive understanding of cultures and traditions from all over the world.

Eva is programmed to think deeply, to critically question that which doesn't align with her intuition, and to find her peace through meaningful action and leadership. She leads change by motivating others to reimagine and reconnect with their own expansive potential. Eva is passionate about supporting women to heal themselves from within and find strength in their true nature.

Eva holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Development Practice (High Distinction). She is a practicing yoga teacher with an established personal practice of 15 years.

Professional Testimonials


Eva Kiriakoff is as wild as she is grounded and is one of the most self-confident yet humble people I know.

Eva isn’t afraid to gaze deep into a person’s soul and offer her strength and guidance to another who is in need or in search of their true self. Eva’s support to her friends, colleagues and clients is honest and pure in every instance, and is grounded in her awareness that she too is on her own unfolding journey to self.

At the core of Eva and her work is a devoted commitment to women’s empowerment, and promotion of the divine female energy as being intrinsic in all of us.

Through working with Eva I have learnt to come back to my self, and in that process my intuition and female energy have regained their strength - I am now secure in my own journey thanks to Eva’s unwavering honesty and support.


Courtney Saville, Director - Archipelago Impact, close friend and previous colleague of Eva’s at The Fred Hollows Foundation.